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* HIROSE Series: IC1 (obsolet)
* HIROSE Series: IC1 (obsolet)
[[File:HIROSE_IC1K-68RD-1.27SF.png|640px|[[File:Hirose_connector_IC1.pdf|Datasheet:Hirose IC1 Series Connector]]]]
Datasheet for Hirose IC1 Series Connector:
[[File:Hirose_connector_IC1.pdf|Datasheet for Hirose IC1 Series Connector]]
== Battery ==
== Battery ==

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Front of PCB. Picture by ArcadeTV
Front of PCB with SRAM removed. Picture by ArcadeTV
Back of PCB. Picture by ArcadeTV

Printed circuit board of an original SNK memory card NEO-IC8.

Found in this version of the NEO-IC8 Memory Card:
NEO-IC8, original SNK card.

PCB Dimensions

  • Thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Width: 46.1 mm
  • Height: 51.4 mm


The board uses a 68-pin connector which was manufactured by MOLEX and HIROSE among others.

  • MOLEX Series: 89415 (obsolet)
  • HIROSE Series: IC1 (obsolet)

HIROSE IC1K-68RD-1.27SF.png
Datasheet for Hirose IC1 Series Connector: File:Hirose connector IC1.pdf


The is a CR2016 lithium battery with solder-tabs on the PCB which powers the SRAM.

CR2016 battery found on PCB. Picture by ArcadeTV