Hardware DIPs

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Hard DIPs on MV1F MVS board.
DIP switches state viewer in the system ROM.

Physical DIP switches on MVS boards used to configure various options like the number of coin chutes and the multiplayer link. The switches states are read through register REG_DIPSW as a byte (0 is on).

  • Switch 8: Freeze - pauses the game (done by software in a system ROM call)
  • Switch 7: Enable freeplay (player start doesn't require credits)
  • Switch 6: Enable communication
  • Switches 4~5: Multiplayer link cab number (in binary: 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Switch 3: Enable mahjong controller
  • Switch 2: Number of coin chutes (1 or 2 Euro & Japan, 2 or 4 on USA)
  • Switch 1: Bring up the system ROM menu at boot

There are no such switches on home and CD systems.

The MV4 has an unused footprint for a second set of DIP switches "DSW2" which could have been read through register REG_SYSTYPE.