Legend of Success Joe

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General Info
USA Title Legend of Success Joe
Japanese Title Ashitano Joe Densetsu


European Title Legend of Success Joe
NGH 029
Developer SNK
Editor SNK
Meg count 50
TCRF page None

MVS Release

Release date 1991
PROG Board PROG42G-1
CHA Board CHA42G-1
Protection Chip none
MAME romset legendos

AES Release

Release date 30/08/91
PROG Board Unknown
CHA Board Unknown
Protection Chip Unknown
MAME romset Unknown

CD Release : No

  • Mostly FM music, which make it sound like a Megadrive game
  • Poor and repetitive FX PCM samples
  • Auto animation used for stuff that doesn't loop
  • Generally considered as the shittiest NeoGeo game
  • This game never existed