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The Multi Game Doctor 2 was a multi-system game loading device made by Bung Enterprises, sold as a development tool (yeah right).

The main MGD2 unit uses a floppy drive to read ROM files off disks, and uploads them to special SRAM or DRAM memory cards in adapters made for various game systems.

Video of the device in use:

The NeoGeo MGD2 cartridge needed 5 memory cards:

Card slot Type Size Area # Description
A DRAM 32Mb 5 Half of the sprites graphics
B DRAM 32Mb 6 Other half of the sprites graphics
C DRAM 32Mb 1 ADPCMA data
D SRAM 8Mb 0 68k program
E DRAM 32Mb 2 ADPCMB data
Internal SRAM 1Mb 3 Fix layer graphics
Internal SRAM 1Mb 4 Z80 program

ROM files

Infos from User:NeoTurfMasta

Maximum file size: 8Mb / 1MB

Filename characters:

  • 1: Must be 'N'
  • 2, 3, 4: Total size of the romset in Mb
  • 5, 6, 7: "Serial" number used to differenciate romsets that would otherwise have the same filenames. Not related to the NGH ?
  • 8: A to D, which 1MB segment in the area to upload to

Extension characters:

  • 1: Area # to which the data should be uploaded to
  • 2: Data width: '7' means data is 8bit, '3' means data is 16bit
  • 3: Upload address offset added to the above segment. '8' means 0, 'C' means 512kB (middle of segment)


  • Total size of romset: 42Mb
  • Serial: 001
  • Upload file to area 0 in words to address 000000
  • Total size of romset: 28Mb
  • Serial: 015
  • Upload file to area 2 in bytes to address 180000