MVS cartridge pinout

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CHA bottom CHA top PROG bottom PROG top
Mvscartchabot.png Mvscartchatop.png Mvscartprgbot.png Mvscartprgtop.png

Beware ! Pinouts found elsewhere have /ROMOE and 4MB swapped, it's an error on the original schematics. /ROMOE is on pin 33 bottom, 4MB is on pin 34 bottom.

See Signal names for the description of each pin.

SLOTCS goes low when the slot is used. On multi-slot boards, the signals come from NEO-F0 SLOT0~5. On one slot boards, it's tied to SYSTEMB. The BIOS was written to ensure the signal is asserted when it does the slot check.

NG:DEV.TEAM carts run this signal to the LPC2468FBD208. Seems never used on official PCBs. --Hpman 05:22, 26 June 2012 (CEST)