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The NeoGeo Development Wiki

This wiki is about every technical aspects of the SNK NeoGeo hardware and software (AES, MVS, CD and CDZ).
Our aim is to provide the most detailed, accurate and up to date information for preservation, homebrew development and repairs.

What's common to every NeoGeo system: main architecture, data formats...

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Software DIPs04:34, 21 October 2017
Battery-backed RAM04:34, 21 October 2017
Power supply19:22, 13 October 2017
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How graphics are handled and displayed, from bitplanes and colors to the video output.

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Everything related to music and sound effects: The Z80 subsystem, synthesized and sampled sound, CDDA playback...

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Troubleshooting dead or glitchy MVS boards, CD laser assemblies, cartridges...

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Particularities of the AES and MVS systems: ROM types, memory cards, cab I/O, data security... Also cartridge boards information.

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NeoGeo CD and CDZ specificities: Differences and limitations, new memory functions, CDDA...

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Code snippets, register definitions, guides on how to display stuff, use the system ROM, play music and sounds, read user input...

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Displaying sprites18:25, 6 October 2017
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What makes everything work (or not). Schematics, chip pinouts and functions, troubleshooting hardware issues...

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Remarquable games for some of their technical aspects: special effects, unusual hardware use, hidden features...

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About this wiki


  • See wanted pages, old pages, short pages, and Todo/Mysteries.
  • Publish asm highlighter for ConTEXT
  • Make subcategories, move/merge "BIOS calls"
  • More schematics, chip details/pinouts
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Make a downloadable offline capture every few months ?