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Multiplayer can refer to:

The linkable cartridges have a dedicated HD6301 MCU and use a 3.5mm stereo jack cable to communicate with each other.

MVS comm circuit

The cartridges are fitted with two 3.5mm jack plugs to daisy chain up to 4 systems. Both jack plugs can be swapped, there is no in or out. The cabinet ID is set with the hardware DIPs.


Data is transmitted by the MCU using its SCI module. A data frame is composed of a start bit, 8 data bits and one stop bit. The data is NRZ encoded and the baud rate appears to be 62500. See source on the MCU page.

The data is then carried on a common RS-485 bus formed by the linked cartridges.

Riding Hero comm instructions (1/2) Riding Hero comm instructions (2/2)