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* {{Sig|BNKB|BNKB}}/RBNKB jumper.
* {{Sig|BNKB|BNKB}}/RBNKB jumper.

Revision as of 11:32, 29 December 2018

Seems to be the sixth and latest board revision.

Some (all ?) units appear to be heavily shielded with a metal cover and conductive coating on the plastic shell.

Differences with previous revisions:

  • The power supply circuit was (finally) moved next to the power connector.
  • Most through-hole chips were replaced by their surface mount versions.
  • The PLCC version of the 68k CPU was used. Also tiny Z80.
  • The SP1 ROM is an OTP part.
  • Resistor networks were added on bus lines, maybe as an attempt to reduce radiated noise.
  • TC9018P composite sync generator.
  • SYNC/NEW-SYNC jumper.
  • BNKB/RBNKB jumper.