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NEO-F0 chip found on a MV1S MVS board.

MVS specific chip.

Handles the UPD4990 calendar access, dipswitches, cab switches (test, service...), coin counters, LED marquee outputs and slot selection signals for multi-slot boards.


File:Neo-f0 pinout.png

OpenOffice Draw file: File:Neo-f0.odg

  • A4~A7: 68k address bus
  • D0~D7: 68k data bus
  • 4990: uPD4990 RTC interface
  • DATA0~DATA7: LED marquee latch data
  • SLOT*: /CS for multislot boards ?
  • DIP00~DIP07: Dipswitch inputs
  • IN3: Output IN300~IN302 ton D0~D2 and CALDIF/CALDOUT to D6/D7 (read $320001)
  • DIPRD: Output to D0~D7 depending on state of A7 (from
    • A7 is low: output DIP00~DIP07 (read $300001)
    • A7 is high: output IN01 on D7 (test switch) and TYPE? on D6 (read $300081)
  • BITW0: writes to $380001
  • SLOTA~SLOTC: slot selection?
  • SLOT0~SLOT5: decoded slot selection? (SLOT0 mislabelled as SLOTD in pic)


  • IN00: Ground
  • IN01: Test switch
  • IN300: P1 Coin switch
  • IN301: P2 Coin switch
  • IN302: Service switch
  • IN303/IN304: VCC