NEO-FTC1B board

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Picture courtesy of [MVS-Scans]. EDGE1 is on the right, EDGE2 on the left.

Multiplayer extension board used with Kizuna Encounter - Super Tag Battle to allow 4 players to play on the same system. It forms a Y splitter with 2 JAMMA edges to connect two displays, two pair of speakers and two sets of 2-player controls.

It multiplexes the inputs by using selection signals coming from a 4-wire (actually 2 used) cable that connects to the output port of the MV1B or MV1C, it also provides video signal buffering and power for the speakers (power amp under the heatsink).


The REG_POUTPUT register is used to detect the board and select which set of inputs to read.

  • OUT1: set selection
  • OUT2: seems unused
  • OUT3: used for board detection by the system ROM
OUT1 P1 reads P2 reads
low EDGE 1 P1 EDGE 2 P1
high EDGE 1 P2 EDGE 2 P2

When OUT3 is high, it simulates presses on particular buttons:

  • EDGE 1 player 1 button A
  • EDGE 2 player 1 button A
  • EDGE 1 player 2 button B
  • EDGE 2 player 2 button B


Ftc1b schematic.png