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File:Cd1 neo-mga.jpg
Package QFP160
First use 1994 ?
Used on CDROM-2 board, MV1A...

NEO-MGA is found in CD systems and some late MVS boards:

  • NEO-MGA in the CD1 model (front loading).
  • NEO-MGA-T in the CD2 model (top loading) and MV1A MVS boards. Probably the same but made by Toshiba.
  • NEO-MGA-T2 in the CDZ, probably with a different pinout and maybe stuff related to the copy protection system.

It is used for communication with the CD drive, for handling 68k program and work DRAM access, some address decoding and for buffering serial CDDA data.




  • DRM*, RAS, CAS, WRITE: See TC514400 DRAM datasheet.
  • X*: See LC8953 datasheet.