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=CD pinout=
=CD pinout=
Pin 93: GND !

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Cd1 neo-mga.jpg
Package QFP160
Manufacturer Logo fujitsu.jpg
First use 1994 ?
Used on CDROM-2 board, MV1A...

Multi-purpose chip found in CD systems and some late MVS boards:

  • NEO-MGA in the CD1 model (front loading).
  • NEO-MGA-T in the CD2 model (top loading) and MV1A MVS boards, can be swapped with NEO-MGA.
  • NEO-MGA2-SA in the CDZ, replaces the LC8953 ?

It is used for address decoding, communication with the CD drive, for refreshing 68k DRAM, and for buffering serial CDDA data.

CD pinout

Pin 93: GND !

Neo-mga CD pinout.png

File:Neo-mga cd.odg

MV1A pinout

Neo-mga MV1A pinout.png

File:Neo-mga mv1a.odg


  • DRM*, RAS, CAS, WRITE: See TC514400 DRAM datasheet.
  • X*: See LC8953 datasheet.