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Mvs zmc2.jpg
Package QFP80R
Manufacturer Logo fujitsu.jpg
First use 1994 ?
Used on MV1FZS Cartridges...

NEO-ZMC and PRO-CT0 in one package.

Found in second revision MVS boards (for the PRO-CT0 logic only), and AES cartridges.


NEO-ZMC2 pinout.png
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NEO-ZMC part:

  • SDA0,SDA1,SDA8~SDA15: Z80 address bus
  • MA11~MA21: M ROM address outputs

PRO-CT0 part, inputs:

  • 12M: 12MHz clock, outputs next pixel on falling edge.
  • C0~C31: C ROM data bus (2*16 bits). Gives all the pixel data needed for a 8 pixel line.
  • H: When high, reverse bit order of pixels shifted out (used for sprites horizontal flipping)
  • EVEN: Swap A/B pixels.
  • LOAD: Latch C ROM data on rising edge of 12M.


  • DOTA: High when pixel A is opaque (color > 0)
  • DOTB: High when pixel B is opaque (color > 0)
  • GAD0~GAD3: Pixel A color index
  • GBD0~GBD3: Pixel B color index