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*: Audio loops only used on NEO-AES systems (info from [[User:Kyuusaku]])
==MVS Cartridge==
==MVS Cartridge==

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Signal names

  • 6M, 12M, 24M: 6MHz, 12MHz, and 24MHz clock signals
  • 4MB: 4MHz inverted signal
  • A1~A19: 68k address bus
  • D0~D15: 68k data bus
  • R/W: 68k R/W
  • AS: 68k /AS
  • /ROMOEL: $000000-$0FFFFF odd byte read
  • /ROMOEU: $000000-$0FFFFF even byte read
  • /ROMOE: $000000-$0FFFFF read
  • /PORTOEL: $200000-$2FFFFF odd byte read
  • /PORTOEU: $200000-$2FFFFF even byte read
  • /PORTWEL: $200000-$2FFFFF odd byte write
  • /PORTWEU: $200000-$2FFFFF even byte write
  • /PORTADRS: $200000-$2FFFFF any access
  • CR0~CR31: C ROMs data bus (2*16bits)
  • SDRAD0~SDRAD7: ADPCM-A ROM multiplexed bus (data/address)
  • SDRA8,SDRA9,SDRA20~SDRA23: ADPCM-A ROM address bus
  • SDPAD0~SDPAD7: ADPCM-B ROM multiplexed bus (data/address)
  • SDPA8,SDPA9,SDPA10,SDPA11: ADPCM-B ROM address bus
  • P0~P23: C ROM and S ROM address bus (multiplexed)
  • PCK1B: Clock to latch C ROM address from P0~P23
  • PCK2B: Clock to latch S ROM address from P0~P15
  • CA4: C ROM A4
  • 2H1: S ROM A3
  • FIXD0~FIXD7: S ROM data bus

AES Cartridge

File:Aesprogpinout.png File:Aeschapinout.png
*: Audio loops only used on NEO-AES systems (info from User:Kyuusaku)

MVS Cartridge

CHA bottom CHA top PROG bottom PROG top
Mvscartchabot.png Mvscartchatop.png Mvscartprgbot.png Mvscartprgtop.png

Beware ! Pinouts found elsewhere have ROMOE/4MB swapped, it's an error on the original schematics. ROMOE is on pin 33 bottom, 4MB is on pin 34 bottom.

Joypad ports

Inputs are pulled high to +5V.

Joypad pinout.png

JAMMA connector

Infos from [HardMVS.com]

+5V C 3 +5V
+5V D 4 +5V
E 5
+12V F 6 +12V
Key H 7 Key
Coin counter #2 J 8 Coin counter #1
Lockout coil #2 K 9 Lockout coil #1
Left speaker + L 10 Right speaker +
Test switch M 11 Mono audio +
Video green N 12 Video red
Video sync P 13 Video blue
Service switch R 14 Video GND
Coin switch #4 P2 S 15 Coin switch #3 P1
Coin switch #2 P2 T 16 Coin switch #1 P1
P2 Start U 17 P1 Start
P2 Up V 18 P1 Up
P2 Down W 19 P1 Down
P2 Left X 20 P1 Left
P2 Right Y 21 P1 Right
P2 A Z 22 P1 A
P2 B a 23 P1 B
P2 C b 24 P1 C
P2 D c 25 P1 D
Select down d 26 Select up
GND e 27 GND
GND f 28 GND


YM2610 digital audio

Cd2_cn7.jpg Clock, L, R ?

Video and CDDA

Cd2 cn1cn3.jpg R, V, B, S, Burst, GND ? Clock, L, R ?

CD reader

Cd2 cn4.jpg


Cd2 cn5.jpg

Multiplayer jack

To do.