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Patent ID Title Inventor(s) Filing Date Publication Date Description
USA #5940068 Display controlling apparatus and control method thereof Yoshihiko Hasegawa, Takashi Yamatani 1996/02/14 1999/08/17 NeoGeo video hardware, VRAM layout, methods for creating sprite effects with the scaling functions (used in World Heroes 2).
USA #5643083 Control device for game operation state data Yoshihiko Hasegawa 1995/04/10 1997/07/01 MVS System ROM functions (game-specific parameters, play time stats and time keeping, etc.)
USA #D373149 Pad controller attachment for a CD ROM video game player Eikichi Kawasaki 1994/12/08 1996/08/27 Design patent for Neo-Geo CD controller.
USA #D375765 Joystick attachment for a CD ROM video game player Eikichi Kawasaki 1994/12/08 1996/11/19 Design patent for Neo-Geo CD joystick.
Europe #0429160A2 Memory cartridge for use with TV game machine Yoshihiko Hasegawa 1990/03/06 1991/05/29 (simplified) AES cartridge overview
USA #5114157 Game machine having plural display panel units and plural memory cartridges Toshihiko Kita 1990/06/11 1992/05/19 Explains the MVS (as it relates to having multiple games in one machine, note the 8 slots); uses a MV25TA-0 as the example cabinet.
Europe #0431723 A2 TV game machine Yoshihiko Hasegawa 1990/04/20 1991/06/12 AES/Home system overview
Europe #0997172 A1 Game system, game device, and game method Yoshinori Matsumoto, Takashi Nishiyama 1998/04/06 2000/05/03 Possible portable device linkup with MVS/AES/CD systems.
Europe #0883019 A1
USA [#6226455]
Shooting apparatus Kenta Fujimoto, Kazukuni Hiraoka, Hamao Horiguchi, Kouichi Ishimoto, Hiroaki Kimura, Shigekazu Matsumoto 1997/02/18 1998/12/09 Neo Print cab description.
USA [#US6055000A] Storage memory for images Satoshi Okada 1998/05/28 (priority) 2000/04/25 An image storage memory apparatus comprises a first memory for separating an image of M by N pixels into a plurality of blocks, generating H pieces of sets making coded notation of the mutually different m by n kinds of colors into each set component ...

Using a search SNK Corporation, SNK has 26 patents and patent applications registered. All are applied in Japan and few granted with US patent number.

TODO: It would be interested to list them all with a time axis with 4 dates of Priority, Filling, Publication and Grant. (Many of them aren't related to the NeoGeo).