Trace patching

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Flying magnet wire patches on a shiny but lightly corroded board.

Make sure to use the appropriate gauge when patching power traces, AWG 35 won't allow 1 amp for long...

  • "Kynar" wire: Great. Get a good quality spool (high-temperature plastic).
  • Magnet wire: Good, easy to salvage but can be hard to solder.
  • Telephone wire: Can do the job for a few traces, but very rigid (and ugly).
  • Paper clip: No.
  • Tape: If temporary, why not. Might leave sticky residue.
  • Hot glue: Good, just don't make a mess and don't apply it to chip pins.
  • Nail varnish: Good, can take a while to dry. Easily removed with acetone.
  • Random glue: No, probably won't stick or will stick too much. Can also eat the board up.
  • Epoxy glue: NO. NEVER.