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freem! Also known as AJ 187 in some circles; freem or freem_inc on #neogeodev IRC. Responsible for the NeoFixFormat plugin for YY-CHR.NET and some other tools.


Various todo



  • Get money so I can buy some dang real hardware
    • AES (with US BIOS so I can dump it, because it appears nobody has done that?)
    • Neo-Geo Pocket Color (eventually two for testing system link capabilities and such)
    • JEIDA v3 compatible Memory Card (maybe multiples for dealing with self-made software/utils that uses non-standard Neo-Geo formats)
    • NGP Link Cable (at least 2; one for keeping in pristine condition and the other for a silly idea I have regarding NGPC <-> Neo-Geo/CD consoles)
    • NGP Wireless Communication Unit (for another silly idea regarding the realization of patent EP 0997172 A1)
  • Build some things
    • PC-2-Neo cable (parallel)
    • MIDI ↔ Neo-Geo controller port cable, if possible
    • Neo-Geo Pocket Link port ↔ Neo-Geo controller port cable (see above)
  • Learn how to not suck at electrical engineering in order to do the following:
    • Make a simple dev cart.
    • Experiment with RAM in places it normally shouldn't be (C ROMs, S ROM, V ROMs)...
      • Determine if having it in P and M ROMs are worth the effort.
    • However many years down the line, once I've figured out how to not suck, and if nobody else has done it by then, see about replicating certain features of later SNK chips (e.g. NEO-PCM(!!), NEO-CMC, NEO-SMA).


  • Continue overall work on freemlib
    • Make sure ISC License is the best choice??
    • Create/Add more library code
    • Finish up existing examples in pipeline
    • Add TITLE_x.SYS files for other examples
    • Create more examples
    • Work on Sound driver
  • Finish up C# palette generator program
  • Create various other tools:
    • Tiled map to data converter
    • A tool for creating Fix layer "nametables"
    • Some sort of ADPCM conversion toolbox (combine ADPCM-A encoder, ADPCM-B encoder, and V ROM/.PCM builder)
    • Others not listed here
  • Oh, and make some games, of course ;)

Reverse Engineering

  • System ROM fun
    • AES Development BIOS
    • Whichever other MVS and AES system ROMs I was working on
    • CDZ system ROM
    • Front loader CD system ROM
  • Sound Drivers
    • SNK Sound Drivers
    • Homebrew Sound Drivers
  • Games
    • wtf is METRIC_DATA for anyways??
      • Alpha Mission 2/ASO2 uses METRIC_DATA (subroutine $139d8)
      • League Bowling (at $4476)
      • "Also used in 2020 super baseball for ball hit detection seemingly. If you mess with the values returned you can't hit the ball :D" -HPMAN


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