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Quick overview of known system ROM versions, may not be completely accurate. Various third-party system ROMs (e.g. Universe BIOS, Neopen BIOS, smkdan's Diagnostics BIOS) are missing from this list.

MVS System ROMs

Filename Short Name Region Reported Version Description
sp1.jipan.1024 japan-s1 Japan   Japan MVS v1
sp1-1v1_3db8c.bin japan-hotel Japan 6, NEO-GEO GIT Ver 1.3 Japanese Hotel v1.3 (Copyright 1993)
sp-j2.sp1 japan-s2 Japan 5 Japan MVS v2
vs-bios.rom japan Japan (JAPAN) Ver. 6.00 Japan MVS v3 (Copyright 1995)
japan-j3.bin japan-j3 Japan (JAPAN/J3) Ver. 6 Japan MVS J3 (Copyright 1995)
236-bios.bin   Asia (ASIA/ST1) Ver.T1 The Irritating Maze (Trackball/SIT board support); (Copyright 1997 SNK/Saurus Corp.)
asia-s3.bin asia Asia (ASIA /S3) Ver. 6 Asia MVS v3 (Copyright 1995)
sp-45.sp1 mv1c Asia (ASIA /S3) Ver. 6 NEO-MVH MV1C (Copyright 1995)
sp-e.sp1 us-e USA 5 USA MVS v1
sp-u2.sp1 us USA 5 USA MVS v2?
sp-s.sp1 euro-s1 Europe   Europe MVS v1
sp-s2.sp1 euro Europe 5 Europe MVS v2 (Visualization)

Home System ROMs

todo: USA system ROM exists, even if most people swapped out the chip. Has it been dumped? Same question for Korean and PAL home consoles.

Filename Short Name Region Description
neo-po.bin japan Japan Japan AES
neo-epo.bin asia Asia Asia AES
neodebug.bin devel Japan Debug/Development

CD System ROMs

Regions are handled via a set of jumpers. Does the Brazilian/Portuguese language system have a different system ROM?

Filename Description
top-sp1.bin Top-Loading NeoGeo CD
front-sp1.bin Front-Loading NeoGeo CD
neocd.bin NeoGeo CDZ (Visualization)