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In order to avoid a situation like the homebrew page formerly in my namespace, I'm going to be testing some things here. Everything is subject to change and/or deletion.

Hello World Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through all the necessary steps to make a Neo-Geo binary which displays the text "Hello world!". The language we will be using is 68000 assembly, but good knowledge of it is not needed.

Setting up the Development Environment

  1. Download the latest version of MAME and extract the contents somewhere you can easily remember (e.g. a directory like C:\mame\ or ~/mame/).
  2. In order to run Neo-Geo software on MAME, you will need to create (or find) dumps of the various ROMs on the system motherboard. Typically these ROMs are packaged in a file called If you manage to find this zip file, copy it into the roms subdirectory of where you installed MAME. Otherwise, you will need a few files in the roms/neogeo/ subdirectory: 000-lo.lo (64KiB, the LO ROM), sm1.sm1 (128KiB, the M1 ROM for sound), sp-s2.sp1 (128KiB, the System ROM) and sfix.sfix (128KiB, the SFIX ROM).