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General Info
USA Title Viewpoint
Japanese Title Viewpoint


European Title Viewpoint
NGH 051
Developer Sammy / Aicom
Editor SNK
Meg count 74
TCRF page Link

MVS Release

Release date 1992
CHA Board CHA42G-1
Protection Chip none
MAME romset viewpoin

AES Release

Release date 11/12/92
PROG Board Unknown
CHA Board Unknown
Protection Chip Unknown
MAME romset Unknown

CD Release

Release date 25/02/95

Viewpoint is a shoot'em up game made by Sammy Corp., notable for its original and heavily sample-based music, pre-rendered 3D graphics and difficulty.

Technical features

  • The game engine achieves a one-way isometric scroll of the entire game field, which contains itself several masking tricks.
  • The Sammy logo animation uses the RLI interrupt.