Z80 memory map

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Visualization of the Z80's memory map (proportional areas).

Cartridge systems

The NEO-ZMC chip in cartridges allows ROM bankswitching.

Start End Size Description
$0000 $7FFF 32KiB Static main code bank (start of the M1 ROM)
$8000 $BFFF 16KiB Switchable bank 3
$C000 $DFFF 8KiB Switchable bank 2
$E000 $EFFF 4KiB Switchable bank 1
$F000 $F7FF 2KiB Switchable bank 0
$F800 $FFFF 2KiB Work RAM

CD systems

CD systems only have 64KiB of RAM dedicated to the Z80.

It seems that NEO-SUD allows loading Z80 files accross the whole range, and locks $0000~$F7FF as read-only to simulate ROM during execution.