MVS cartridge pinout

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Beware ! Pinouts found elsewhere have ROMOE/4MB swapped, it's an error on the original schematics. /ROMOE is on pin 33 bottom, 4MB is on pin 34 bottom.

See Signal names for the description of each pin.

(SMKDAN) "SYSTEMB" appears to actually be a slot selection pin.

  • On MV-2F, slot 1 A42 is connected to NEO-F0 SLOT0
  • slot 2 A42 is connected to NEO-F0 SLOT1

Makes sense for 1F schematics to connect it straight to SYSTEMB since there are no other possible slots. On multislot, it comes from NEO-F0 (or equivalent) SLOT* outputs. NEO-F0 has SYSTEMB as an input so it probably only has SLOT* pins active when the cart ROMs are selected.

Is this signal ever used ? It's a dead end on all my carts. --Furrtek 06:37, 25 June 2012 (CEST)