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Picture Reference Description Found in Pinout
LSPC-A0 First generation graphics chip Some AES, some MVS
LSPC2-A2 Second generation graphics chip Some AES, some MVS
LSPC2-A3 Revision of the second generation graphics chip Some MVS
NEO-244 Some MVS
NEO-253 Quint 74HC253, 4-to-1 multiplexers Some MVS
NEO-257 Quad 74HC257, 2-to-1 multiplexers Some MVS
NEO-273 C and S ROM address latches Cartridges
NEO-B1 Second generation graphics chip
  • Sprite and FIX multiplexer
  • Line buffers
  • Palette arbiter
Some AES, some MVS
NEO-BUF Dual 8-bit bidirectional buffer CD1, CD2, some late MVS
  • Address decoder
  • Joystick inputs
  • Z80 interface
Some AES, some MVS
  • Audio subsystem controller
  • Output port
  • Memory card bankswitching
All AES ?, some MVS
  • NEO-273 logic
  • NEO-ZMC logic
  • NEO-ZMC2 logic
  • C+S ROM decryption
  • C/S ROM multiplexer
  • S ROM bankswitching
  • M ROM decryption (NEOCMC50 only)
  • M ROM bankswitching
Some AES, some MVS
  • Vector table swapping
  • Buffer/driver
Some AES, some MVS
  • Calendar access
  • Dip/cab switches, coin counters
  • LED marquee outputs
  • Slot selection
Some MVS

Quad 245 bidirectional buffer.

  • Palette data buffer
  • Memory card data buffer
  • 68k data bus buffer
All AES, some MVS ?
NEO-GRC Graphics chip All CD1, all CD2
NEO-GRC2-F (Fujitsu) Graphics chip All CDZ ?, Some MVS
NEO-GRZ (Fujitsu) All-in-one GPU ROM-only
NEO-I0 Multi-purpose MVS specific chip.
  • SFIX ROM address latch
  • Coin counter and lockout outputs
Some MVS
CD unit interface, latches, address decoding ? All CD1, all CD2, all CDZ, some MVS
NEO-OFC (Fujitsu) Graphics chip All CD1, all CD2
NEO-PCM2 (Fujitsu)
  • PCM
  • P ROM decoding, bankswitching and decryption
ROM-only boards
  • Joypad I/O
  • Z80 address and port decoding
  • 68k/Z80 communication latches and interrupt generation
Some MVS, All Neo Prints
NEO-SFT (Fujitsu) Graphics related All CD1, all CD2
NEO-SUD Z80 subsystem controler All CD1, all CD2
NEO-VOC (Yamaha) PCM memory handler All CD1, all CD2
NEO-YSA (Yamaha) Audio subsystem chip Some CD2
NEO-YSA2 (Yamaha) Complete audio subsystem chip and controller inputs
  • Embedded Z80+RAM
  • Embedded YM2610
Some MVS, CDZ, All ROM-only
NEO-ZMC Z80 Memory Controller Cartridges
  • Z80 Memory Controller
  • Sprite tile serializer
AES carts, some MVS
  • ADPCM bus latches
  • V ROM multiplexer

Neo Print GPU.

PRO-B0 First generation
  • Palette arbiter
  • Z80 latch
Some AES, some MVS
PRO-C0 First generation
  • Address decoder
  • Glue
  • Line buffer
  • Palette arbiter
Some AES, some MVS
PRO-CT0 C ROM character serializer and multiplexer Some AES carts, some MVS
NEO-PVC (Fujitsu) P ROM decryption chip
NEO-SMA P ROM decryption chip

Other chips

Picture Reference Description Found in
68HC000 (Toshiba DIP64) 16bit CPU All Some
68HC000 (Motorola PLCC68) Some All All All
Sony CXA1145 RGB encoder All
Sony CXA1645 ? All ?
Hitachi HD6301 (DIP40) Microcontroller Multiplayer cartridges
Sanyo LC78815 Stereo DAC ? All
Sanyo LC89515 CD host and error corrector All All ?
Sanyo LC8953 PUPPET All Some ?
Sanyo LC98000 PUPPET replacement Some ?
NEC UPD4990 Real Time Clock All
Yamaha YM2610 Sound synthesizer All All All Some
Yamaha YM3016 Audio DAC All All All Some
Zilog z80 (DIP40) 8bit CPU All Some
Toshiba z80 (SOIC) Some All All All

Memory chips

Picture Reference Description Found in
LO Shrink lookup ROM All systems
SP-S2 MVS System ROM MVS systems
SM1 Embedded sound driver ROM
SFIX ROM Embedded Fix ROM
NEO-EP0 AES System ROM AES systems
Picture needed TOP-SP1-1 CD2 System ROM Top loading CD systems (LC8953 versions)
Picture needed TOP-SP1-2 CD2 System ROM Top loading CD systems (LC98000 versions)
FRONT-SP1 CD1 System ROM Front loading CD systems