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NeoGeo-CD power supply brick.

  • Input: 110V-240V AC (universal)
  • Output 5V DC 2A, 10V DC 1A

The 5V output is actually closer to 5.5V.

Fuse: 250V 2A T with leads.

See Pinouts.

Capacitor list

  • C104: 68uF 400V snap-in (e.g. Nichicon LGN2G680MELY25)
  • C107: 100uF 35V (e.g. Nichicon UHV1V101MED)
  • C201: 1000uF 16V (e.g. Nichicon UHD1C102MPD)
  • C202: 150uF 16V (e.g. Nichicon ULD1C151MED1TD)
  • C204: 1uF 50V (e.g. Nichicon USV1H010MFD)
  • C205: 220uF 10V (e.g. Nichicon UHE1A221MED)
  • C208: 1500uF 10V (e.g. Nichicon UPW1A152MPD)