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MVS Cartridges

Signal names:

  • A1~A19: 68k address bus
  • D0~D15: 68k data bus
  • SDPAD0~SDPAD7, SDRAD0~SDRAD7: V ROM(s) data bus(ses) ?
  • CR0~CR31: C ROMs data bus
  • SDA0~SDA15: ?
  • P0~P23: C ROM and S ROM address bus (multiplexed)
  • PCK1B: Clock to latch C ROM address from P0~P23
  • PCK2B: Clock to latch S ROM address from P0~P15
  • CA4: C ROM A4
  • 2H1: S ROM A3
  • FIXD0~FIXD7: S ROM data bus
CHA bottom CHA top PROG bottom PROG top
Mvscartchabot.png Mvscartchatop.png Mvscartprgbot.png Mvscartprgtop.png

Joypad ports

Joypad pinout.png

AES Cartridges

CD/CDZ Power

Multiplayer jack