Robo Army

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General Info
USA Title Robo Army
Japanese Title Robo Army


European Title Robo Army
NGH 032
Developer SNK
Editor SNK
Meg count 45
TCRF page None

MVS Release

Release date 1991
PROG Board PROG42G-1
CHA Board CHA42G-1
Protection Chip none
MAME romset roboarmy

AES Release

Release date 20/12/91
PROG Board Unknown
CHA Board Unknown
Protection Chip Unknown
MAME romset Unknown

CD Release

Release date 21/04/95

The CD version has a copy protection that prevents progress after Main Street (3rd stage). The game locks up with the following message: "WARNING THIS CD SOFTWARE IS A COPY AND CAN NOT BE PLAYED FURTHER. COPIED SNK SOFTWARE INFRIGES SNK'S COPYRIGHTS AND TRADEMARKS. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU PURCHASE ORIGINAL SNK SOFT WARE."