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  • Merge Sprite_scaling with Sprite_shrinking
  • Rename GPU to VDC everywhere ? Or VDP ? LSPC isn't really a processor. Sorry :/
  • Rename BIOS to system ROM everywhere (done ?)
  • Use 3rd parameter of Sig template (signal polarity)
  • Use Chipname, Reg, Sig, BR templates


  • Tooltip extension for registers ?
  • Check everything in Meg count. Add links to game pages.
  • Add pin numbers on AES cartridge pinout
  • Add on to How to start page
  • Tutorials
  • Change DEFINE names (and register names ?) to the ones used in the AoF source code
  • Memory chip pinouts
  • Finish PRO chipset pinouts !
  • M1 and S1 ROM speeds
  • CD I/O ERROR 0001 0002 0003 ?
  • CRC32 of all known ROMs/ISOs from MAME's
  • Add more jumper configs
  • Memory card stuff (format, banks...)
  • neo-mga on mv1a + PALs info
  • Chip functions for each kind of board (even discrete logic)


  • Add links to TCRF pages for the debug DIPs of each game
  • CMC fix bankswitching: how/when is vram bank info sent to the cartridge?
  • Recent security chips info (SMA, PVC...)
  • Neo cd chip pinouts (not very useful)
  • Are the two missing FM channels from the YM2610 actually off the die or just disabled?

Analysis / mysteries

  • Why does the L0 ROM need an output buffer ?
  • Loading time graphs for all CD games, is MESS reliable enough ? (no)
  • Details on CD registers
  • CDDA playback (needs more research in CD system rom)
  • Dump LC98000 version Neo CD system rom
  • LC8953/98000 microcode (note: Sanyo tech support has nothing left except publicly available brief sheet)


  • Check Clock distribution diagram, especially on cart edge