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The PC Card Standard defines a 68-pin interface between the peripheral card and the socket into which it gets inserted. It defines three standard PC Card form factors, called Type I, Type II and Type III. All PC Cards measure the same length and width, differing only in thickness. Smaller cards can fit in larger sockets. In addition to electrical and physical specifications, the PC Card Standard defines a software architecture to provide "plug and play" capability across the widest range of products. This software is made up of Socket Services and Card Services. It is Card and Socket Services that allow for interoperability of PC Cards.

PC Card Physical Characteristics

Property Value
Physical Interface 68 Pins
Back End I/O Conn. Proprietary
Length 85.6 mm
Width 54.0 mm
Thickness Type I (appropriate for Neo Geo) = 3.3 mm

Type II = 5.0 mm
Type III = 10.5 mm

Operating Temp. 0 to 55 C
Storage Temp. minus 20 to 65 C
Minimum Insertions Office Env. 10,000

Harsh Env. 5,000