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SHARP LH5116NA-10 SRAM IC. Picture by ArcadeTV

The LH5116/H are static RAMs organized as 2,048 x 8bits. It is fabricated using silicon-gate CMOS process technology. It features high speed access in read mode using output enable (tOE).


  • 2,048 x 8 bit organization
  • Access time: 100 ns (MAX.)
  • Power consumption:

Operating: 220 mW (MAX.)
Standby: 5.5 mW (MAX.)

  • Single +5 V power supply
  • Fully-static operation
  • TTL compatible I/O
  • Three-state outputs
  • Wide temperature range available

LH5116H: -40 to +85°C

  • Packages:

24-pin, 600-mil DIP
24-pin, 300-mil SK-DIP
24-pin, 450-mil SOP