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Package QFP160
First use 1990 ?
Used on NEO-AES MV1

LSPC-A0 is the VDC part of the first generation chipset, see LSPC2-A2 for more details.


  • 117: 8 ULN2803 K11 / 112 C0
  • 127: C0 37/1 Ls273 E4/5
  • 128: C0 54/B0 21

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  • A1~A3: 68k address bus
  • D0~D15: 68k data bus
  • SVA0~SVA14: Slow VRAM bank address bus
  • SVD0~SVD15: Slow VRAM bank data bus
  • FVA0~FVA10: Fast VRAM bank address bus
  • FVD0~FVD15: Fast VRAM bank data bus