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The only non-protected board that can bankswitch and use all V ROM space. Really common and very useful for homebrew stuff or converts.

Often used as the PROG board in Neo Print cartridges.

P ROMs configuration


J1 J2


J3 J4 J5
A18 /A18 GND (default)


J6 J7 JB1
/ROMOE /PORTOE (default) /PORTOE, banks 0 and 1


J8 J9 J10 JB2
/PORTOE /PORTOE AND /ROMOE /ROMOE (default) /PORTOE, banks 2 and 3


J11 J12 J13
A18 /A18 GND (default)

P1 ROM size

JB3 JB4 Nothing
A19/NC is /PORTADRS (P1 is 16Mbit) A19/NC is BANK0 (because reasons?) P1 is 8Mbit

P2 ROM size

A20//BYTE is VCC (P2 is 16Mbit or less) A20//BYTE is BANK1 (P2 is 32Mbit)

The P1 ROM can be 4Mbit, 8Mbit or 16Mbit (27C400/27C800/27C160).

  • ROMs can be halved and mapped to 0x000000~0x0FFFFF or 0x200000~0x2FFFFF.
  • If P1 is 4Mbit or 8Mbit, then P2 can contain a bankswitched ROM (same type as P1 plus 27C322). P1 appears in 0x000000~0x0FFFFF. P2 bank appears in 0x200000~0x2FFFFF.

Bankswitching is done with the LS74. It's not needed if the game isn't banked. Any write to an odd address in the 0x200000~0x2FFFFF range will set the bank.

V ROMs configuration

There is a maximum of 4 V ROMs which can be 8Mbit, 16Mbit or 32Mbit (27C800/27C160/27C322) for a maximum total size of 4 * 4MiB = 16MiB.

A 4Mbit ROM can also be used, but only if there's one and only if it's in the last used slot.

The size of the largest V ROM is selected with a pair of jumpers on 6 spots (3 possible choices).

Largest V ROM Jumper set
8Mbit (1MiB) JV1+JV2
16Mbit (2MiB) JV3+JV4
32Mbit (4MiB) JV5+JV6

This pair of V ROM jumpers effectively choose a set of 2 of the PCM chip address outputs to input to the LS139, which will enable one out of the 4 V ROMs at a time.

The JV7 to JV14 jumpers need to be set according to the ROM types. If it's less than 32Mbit, the JV7/JV8/JV9/JV10 jumper needs to be set (ground). If it's 32Mbit, the JV11/JV12/JV13/JV14 needs to be set (A20). This is because 32Mbit chips have their /BYTE pin replaced by A20.


The LS08 is used to AND the /PORTOEU and /PORTOEL signals to get /PORTOE.

  • 4x 1/2/4MiB V ROMs
  • 1/2MiB P1 ROM
  • 1/2/4MiB P2 ROM
  • 2x 512KiB EP1/EP2 ROM
  • PCM chip
  • LS139, LS08, LS74A