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See [[CD module]].
==YM2610 digital audio==
==YM2610 digital audio==

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See the AES cartridge pinout and MVS cartridge pinout pages.

Joypad ports

Special "deep" DE-15 male connectors with plastic shell. 10 inputs, 3 outputs.

Inputs are pulled high to +5V by CRE401 RC arrays.

Outputs are open collector through 22 ohms resistors.

Joypad pinout.png


See JAMMA connector pinout.

Memory card

See Memory card.

MVS boards

See MVS board connectors pinouts.

Multiplayer jack

To do. Stereo only !


See CD module.

YM2610 digital audio

Cd2_cn7.jpg Clock, L, R ?

Video and CDDA

Cd2 cn1cn3.jpg R, V, B, S, Burst, GND ? Clock, L, R ?

CD reader

Cd2 cn4.jpg


Cd2 cn5.jpg