JAMMA connector pinout

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MVS edge connectors aren't fully JAMMA compliant.

Like true JAMMA edges, the pad pitch is .156in (3.96mm). There are 28 pins per side (key included), 56 total.

Many harnesses use regular 56 pin board connectors which don't have the key to avoid accidentally plugging them backwards. Doing so will certainly fry the inputs chip (NEO-C1...), be careful.

Note that the G, I, O, and Q letters aren't used to avoid confusion with other characters.

MVS pinout

Checked infos from [HardMVS.com]. The arrows represent the signal direction from the MVS board.

Bottom Top
B 2
+5V C 3 +5V
D 4
Unused E 5 Unused
+12V F 6 +12V
Key H 7 Key
Coin counter #2 Arrow left.png J 8 Arrow right.png Coin counter #1
Coin lockout #2 Arrow left.png K 9 Arrow right.png Coin lockout #1
Left speaker Arrow left.png L 10 Arrow right.png Right speaker
Test button Arrow right.png M 11 Arrow right.png Mono audio
Video green Arrow left.png N 12 Arrow right.png Video red
Video sync Arrow left.png P 13 Arrow right.png Video blue
Service button Arrow right.png R 14 Video GND
Coin switch #4 P2 Arrow right.png S 15 Arrow left.png Coin switch #3 P1
Coin switch #2 P2 Arrow right.png T 16 Arrow left.png Coin switch #1 P1
P2 Start Arrow right.png U 17 Arrow left.png P1 Start
P2 Up Arrow right.png V 18 Arrow left.png P1 Up
P2 Down Arrow right.png W 19 Arrow left.png P1 Down
P2 Left Arrow right.png X 20 Arrow left.png P1 Left
P2 Right Arrow right.png Y 21 Arrow left.png P1 Right
P2 button A Arrow right.png Z 22 Arrow left.png P1 button A
P2 button B Arrow right.png a 23 Arrow left.png P1 button B
P2 button C Arrow right.png b 24 Arrow left.png P1 button C
P2 button D Arrow right.png c 25 Arrow left.png P1 button D
Select down Arrow right.png d 26 Arrow left.png Select up
GND e 27 GND
f 28