Repairing King of Fighters '98

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This guide is for repairing King of Fighters '98 carts with dead Altera MAX chips. Either the game ROMs can be transferred to a PROGBK1 or the dead MAX chip can be replaced. The first method requires the unscrambled ROM (kof98h romset).

A. Using donor PROGBK1

  1. Set jumpers correctly on the PROGBK1 board (reference ?)
  2. Move all ROMs from the PROGSF1 (except for P1) to the corresponding places on the PROGBK1
  3. Replace the PROGBK1 P1 with a 27C160 containing the kof98h P1 ROM image

B. Replacing the dead Altera CPLD

New EPM7128SQC100 chips with the same package found in KoF98 are still being sold from Digikey. Cheaper ones can be bought from eBay with the usual risks.

The chip then needs to be programmed via JTAG with this definition (WIP):