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SFIX ROM in a 1FZS MVS slot.

The SFIX (System FIX) ROM is a 64KiB or 128KiB ROM containing the default fix layer tileset embedded in most MVS boards.

It is used by the system ROM to display menus when no cartridges are inserted. It can be switched in or out with registers REG_BRDFIX and REG_CRTFIX.

The home system does not have an SFIX ROM.


  • CRC32: C2EA0CFD
  • SHA1: FD4A618CDCDBF849374F0A50DD8EFE9DBAB706C3

The dump is commonly named sfix.sfix


Rendering of banks 0 to 11 using the CGA palette. Content starting at tile $700 (bank 7) may vary. Banks 7 and 8 are used for the HOW TO PLAY graphics.