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"Shot factory" is the name commonly given to utilities sometimes found in emulators, which gives the user the ability to manipulate the video display, in order to isolate sprites, background elements...

Kawaks's shot factory


Shows a list of the currently active sprites (those that have a non-zero size), their number (position in VRAM), their 3 attribute words, and the tile number for the first tile.

Chained sprites are grouped and can't be split, only the driving sprite is shown in the list.

Also allows hiding the fix layer.

Beware: SCB values are very buggy. Garbage is shown when moving in the list with the arrow keys.

Nebula's shot factory


The most advanced one to date.

  • Shows a full map of which of the 384 sprites are used (colored cell) and if they're driving (red) or driven (green).
  • Each sprite can be individually hidden, as well as the entire fix layer.
  • Chained sprites can be split.
  • The position and shrinking attributes for each sprite can be edited.
  • The background color can be chosen to do cutouts based on color keying.
  • The tile list for each sprite doesn't seem to work as of version 2.25b.