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6 April 2023

  • curprev 03:5603:56, 6 April 2023Freem talk contribs 644 bytes +644 Created page with "{{GameInfo|right |en_title=Super Bubble Pop |jp_title=Super Bubble Pop |jp_title2=スーパー バブル ポップ |developer=Vektorlogic |editor=Vektorlogic |ngh_id=FECD |megcount=unknown |mvs_release=yes |mvs_release_en=y |mvs_release_jp=n |mvs_romset=sbp |mvs_date=2004 |mvs_pchip= |mvs_pboard=Vektorlogic Program Cart |mvs_cboard=Vektorlogic Graphics Cart }} Program board contains two CPLDs. One is presumably similar to the PCM chip, while the other appears to be..."