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YM3016 found in a AES system.

The YM3016 is a floating point, 16bit stereo Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) made to work with the YM2610.

Both chips were made separately to avoid parasitic noise.

Datasheets: File:YM3016.pdf / File:YM3016 jp.pdf


See US patent #5021785 https://www.google.com/patents/US5021785



File:Ym3016.odg Todo: TOBUF is an output.

  • SD: Serial Data input from YM2610
  • CLK: Serial clock input from YM2610
  • FORM: Format selected (binary or 2's complement), always tied to VCC in NeoGeo systems
  • SMP1 & SMP2: Alternating clocks for the L/R sample-and-hold circuits, comes from the YM2610
  • ICL: ? Always tied to VCC
  • CH1 & CH2: Left and right audio outputs
  • COM: Common input for both sample-and-hold circuits (L/R demux)
  • TOBUF: Output to analog buffer for COM
  • RB: Bias voltage output ?