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Original C++ version of YY-CHR.

YY-CHR is a tile editor which can handle NeoGeo sprite and fix tiles with the help of converters like NGGTool. Two versions of the program exist, the original in C++, and a new version (YY-CHR.NET) using the .NET framework.


  • 128*128 editing canvas
  • Paste from bitmap
  • Flip/rotate/shift in 5 different tile sizes
  • Color replace
  • Zone cut/copy/paste


Both versions are similar, though the .NET version supports a few more formats out of the box.

YY-CHR (C++)

The original version of the program runs better in WINE and has a selection tool not found in the .NET version.


The .NET version of the program runs better in Windows 7 compared to the C++ version. A third-party plugin named "NeoFixFormat" (File:NeoFixFormat 1.0.zip) is available for opening fix tiles without requiring conversion.