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Platform MVS/AES CD/CDZ Raster line rendering Debugger Shot factory UniBIOS support Debug DIPs Source available
FinalBurn Neo Windows/Various Yes Yes Yes (Enabled per game) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
GnGeo GP2X Linux Yes No Yes (needs to be activated) ? ? Yes ? Yes
GnGeo (ngdevkit fork) Linux Yes No Yes? (needs to be activated?) Yes (gdb) ? Yes ? Yes
Kawaks Windows Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
MAME Linux, Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
NeoCD BeOS, Dreamcast, Linux, PS2, Windows No Yes ? No No / No Yes
Nebula Windows No ? Yes Conditional No Yes / Yes (uneffective ?) No
NeoRage X Windows Yes No No ? No Yes ? No? No?
NeoRaine Mac, Windows No Yes No Yes, command line No / No Yes
XE Linux, Windows Yes Yes Yes ? No ? ? Yes ? ? No