Z80/YM2610 interface

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The Z80 can access the YM2610 through two pair of ports. They're usually called Address A, Data A, and Address B, Data B. They're respectively Z80 ports 4, 5, 6 and 7.

  • Pair A (Z80 ports 4 and 5) concerns the SSG, ADPCM-B, and FM channels 1 and 2.
  • Pair B (Z80 ports 6 and 7) concerns the ADPCM-A, and FM channels 3 and 4.

See YM2610 registers for a complete definition of the registers.

The Z80's SDA0 and SDA1 lines are directly connected to the YM2610's A0 and A1 inputs. NEO-D0 uses SDA2 to decode the access to the YM2610.

Timing requirements

The YM2610 needs a delay between writes, or else they will be skipped. Some homebrew software produce sound in emulators but not on the real hardware because of this.

From Japanese datasheet:

  • Address write: 17 cycles (8MHz: 2.125us)
  • Data write: 83 cycles (8MHz: 10.375us)

Many original sound drivers use small routines with fixed delays to write to the YM2610:

; DE -> YM2610 pair A
; This also works with pair B (ports 6 & 7)
ld     a,d
out    ($04),a
; At least 21 T-states here ! (6 NOPs, 5.25us)
ld     a,e
out    ($05),a
; At least 73 T-states here ! (19 NOPs, 18.25us)

Polling the YM2610's busy flag is also a solution.