Neo Turf Masters

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General Info
USA Title Neo Turf Masters
Japanese Title Big Tournament Golf

(ビッグトーナメント ゴルフ)

European Title Neo Turf Masters
NGH 200
Developer Nazca
Editor SNK
Meg count 133
TCRF page None

MVS Release

Release date 1996
CHA Board CHA256B
Protection Chip none
MAME romset turfmast

AES Release

Release date 01/03/96
PROG Board Unknown
CHA Board Unknown
Protection Chip Unknown
MAME romset

CD Release

Release date 01/05/1996

Neo Turf Masters is a golf game made by Nazca, known to have caused headaches to emulator authors.

Field rendering

It relies on the timer interrupt to fake perspective and rotation for the course's ground.

Undistorted sprites (trees...) are shrunk and overlayed on top according to the view's angle.

Turfmast raster.gif]

Character sprites

They appear to be color-reduced photographs.