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Package QFP64R
Manufacturer Logo fujitsu.jpg
First use 1990 ?
Used on MV2B MV1-1 ...

MVS specific chip that does a bunch of unrelated things.


NEO-I0 pinout.png
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  • A1~A3,A7: 68k address bus
  • P0~P15: P bus
  • Q01~Q18: SFIX ROM address lines
  • SM1CS(ORO0): SM1 ROM chip select, made from SYSTEM(ORI0) OR SDROM(ORI1)
  • SYNCOUT = SYNCIN XOR SYNCREV (SYNCREV always tied to ground ?)
  • Q21, Q22: METER1, METER2
  • Q23, Q24: LOCK1, LOCK2
  • DS0, DS1: Data select for 2-slot systems made from SLOT0, SLOT1, PORTADRS and ROMOE, goes to a NEO-G0
  • COUNTOUT: Address decode from NEO-F0