NEO-AES board

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First known version of the AES board, made (and maybe assembled) by NEC. Uses the first generation chipset PRO-B0, PRO-C0, LSPC-A0.

In later use of this board version, a video cleaner board was added.

Some consoles also have a metal shield connected to ground.

Voltage protection

The voltage protection circuit changed during the production of the board:

  • The first boards simply had no voltage protection. Meaning that using a higher than 5V power supply would fry everything.
  • Later on, components were added to dump excessive voltage as heat (see below).
  • Even later, the NEO-POWER-0 board was added as a factory mod to allow the safe use of 9V power supplies.

The voltage protection circuit starts operating as soon as the input voltage goes above 5.4V. If used with a 9V power supply for an extended period of time, it may fail due to excessive heat. Q2 and/or D1 may need to be replaced.

Board map